100 Great Podcasting Tips: From 100 Great Podcasters

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Have You Found Yourself Searching The Internet For How-To’s And Podcasting Advice?

With this question in mind I turned to my growing network of podcasts biggest players. I asked for each one to submit their answer to this main question:

“What advice would you give a podcaster that is just starting out?”

In response I received overwhelming support and feedback for this book and I know you to will gain new knowledge and perspective from the list of 100 podcasters I have compiled. In addition I have included tons of resources to start, improve, and grow a successful podcast. I believe even the seasoned podcast pro can gain insight from this book.

This lineup includes powerful tips from top name influencers like, Rob Walch, Dave Jackson, Todd Cochrane, Paul Colligan, John Lee Dumas, Michael Stelzner, Rob Greenlee, Erin Smith, Dan Franks, Jeremy Vest, Evo Terra, Jessica Kupferman, and Tim Paige, just to list a few!

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