Gary LelandMy name is Gary Leland, and I discovered the world of podcasting back in 2004, and have truly loved it. I am not one hundred percent sure, but I believe I was probably one of the first hundred podcasters on the planet. Not to long ago while at a Social Media event in Las Vegas someone addressed me as a podcasting pioneer. While it was meant as a compliment, it made me laugh deep down inside. I don't think I qualify as a pioneer at anything.

Podcasting has been very good to me. Due to podcasting my business is stronger, my friends have increased, and my life in general is better. I know those statements may sound crazy, but they are 100% true. Podcasting has defiantly changed my life for the better.

As you may know I publish the podcast magazine, Podertainment. Since there wasn't a magazine for podcasting at the time, I decided to start a podcast magazine. I have down all the basics of publishing an online magazine so why not give it a try. Podertainment will have 12 issues a year, and new issues will come out around the middle of every month.

I have now launched my second site dedicated to podcasting,! Dedicated to bringing you some of the best deals and access to my growing partnerships with top of the line podcasting equipment and other resources.